Graphic Designer specializing in packaging and branding, baker of cookies and full time nerd.

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Honey Concept
Made by Bees.

by Maks Arbuzov and Pavel Gubin

Packaging of Honey Concept is thoroughly considered and designed with quality. 

Smart project and strong Identity!

Great work!



Joco Glass Coffee Cup | Jimmy Gleeson | We and The Color

Eco Friendly Packaging and Branding. Creative direction by Jimmy Gleeson for Joco’s brand design and packaging. Joco’s stylish glass coffee cups and the packaging of environmentally safe materials are the best reasons to drink from their cups over plastic alternatives. The packaging and the whole brand identity looks simply beautiful.


Les Délices de Michèle | The Dieline | Les Délices de Michèle | ChezValois 

Les Délices de Michèle are wild and original products (spreads, butters, fondants, chocolates, candies) which highlight the Quebec North Shore berries as their key ingredients. Discover lingonberries, seabuckthorn berries, cloudberries, blueberries and the Bounty strawberries. ChezValois was responsible for designing their brand and packaging.